Accept In-Person Payments

Don't miss any sales and start accepting credit cards in person. Charge your customers on the spot from anywhere with no special device required.

  • Process payments from multiple devices
  • Same rate from any device
  • Fast & secure checkout processing

Create Automatic Recurring Subscriptions

Any business can take advantage of recurring billing and get paid. Create and sell your subscription/membership plans from M&M POS and see your income grow

  • Create and manage your subscription plans in one App
    Give customers membership trials before they get charged
    Your customers get an automatic receipt

Send Electronic Invoices

Give your customers the convenience of paying later. Send out electronic invoices and let your customers pay when they are ready.

  • Create and manage your invoices from M&M POS
  • Set a payment due date and add your own late fee
  • Send email reminders to your customers before the due date

Terminal Card Readers

Accept contactless NFC Payments/Apple Pay/Google Pay and checkout faster

  • Verifone® P400 for macOS, Windows PC, Android and iOS
  • Mobile BBPOS Chipper™ 2X BT for Android and iOS

Available in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico but excluding other territories), Canada, and other select countries (on an invite-only basis)

Why Choose Stripe & M&M POS

Our fee for allowing you to enjoy all the Stripe features is only 1% that is $1 for every $100 that you charge. We do not get paid unless you get paid.

  • Small Processing Fees
  • Available internationally
  • Accept multiple currencies
  • No monthly fees

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